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How do they work?

Donate to see your Rupeethoners get up to even more embarrassing antics than usual. Send in your donation using the Child’s Play widget to the right, then let us know in chat what ridiculous thing you want us to do! We reserve the right to negotiate the terms of any challenge.

Donation Milestones

$888.00 – In celebration of our 8th maraton, the donor who puts us over this amount will receive a drawing of their request, with contributions from every crew member.


$15 per drawing

For $15 we will draw you stuff and mail it to you! Take a look at our Gallery page for examples of our past masterpieces.

2 players, 1 controller

10 minutes $15

Boss Fight! $25

One Rupeethoner moves Link around, the other uses items and stuff. Because sharing is caring.

T-Rex (including dinosaur noises)

10 minutes $25

Boss Fight! $35

Your Rupeethoner of choice will have his/her thumbs taped down while playing. Complete with dinosaur noises, of course!


10 minutes $25

Boss Fight! $35

Some poor soul will have to try and play blindfolded while our crack team of strategists attempt to guide them through verbally! This is especially fun in fire levels. Or so I’ve heard.

Whose Line Dubbing

$5 per cutscene

Our talented cast of voice actors will read out the scripts for cutscenes in silly voices. Suggestions from the audience as to who does what voice and how always welcome in chat!


$15 per song

It’s so bad, it’s good! Previous gems have included “Let It Go” (in Japanese), “Bohemian Rhapsody”, “Don’t Stop Believin’“, and “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life”.

No Subtitles Challenge

$30 for 30 minutes

Chrissy, our resident polygot, will attempt to speak for as long as possible in any language other than English. Only available when Chrissy is on camera!

Custom Challenges

At your request

Feel free to suggest any other kinds of challenges and we will do our best to accommodate any wacky hi-jinks not yet in our repertoire. Help us be funny! We will review any specific requests for crew challenges based on appropriateness for the stream.