In addition to our usual world-famous dance breaks, this year we’ll be breaking up the broadcast with the below shenanigans.

Dramatic Reading Contest

As always.

Rupeethon Brackets

Because we here at Rupeethon don’t believe in consigning our Madness to one month of the year.

Dungeons & Dragons

I hear that’s still a thing.

Writing A Fanfic

The Dramatic Reading Contest has dragged us through many a literary quagmire. Let’s see if we can do any better.

Zelda Smash Bros. Party

By popular demand.

Open Mic Night

Because some of us do not completely suck at music.

Zelda CreepyPasta

Because the Night Shift is here to Mess. You. Up.

The Lunch Hour

Let’s split some hairs.

Designing A Zelda Game

We’ve been playing Zelda for a long time. Time to bring some new flavors to this party.

The Potion Shop

For the thirsty among us with a creative need for some cocktail-styled relief. Both alcoholic and non.