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Rupeethon DLC

A new quest appears! Join us on Friday, December 20th for an evening of Dungeons and Dragons, in support of Child’s Play Charity. What challenges await our brave heroes? You’ll have to tune in to find out!

Come one, come all, for Rupeethon X is upon us! Starting July 11th, join us for the tenth consecutive year of game crushing, prize giving, and general shenanigan having! With your generosity, we have so far donated more than $20,000 to Child’s Play Charity. Other than contributing to the happiness and well being of children around the country, every donation can get you: an entry into our daily and grand raffle, the satisfaction of seeing us attempt stupid challenges, the opportunity to contribute ideas to our gallery of crew-drawn Bob Rosses (please, let us draw something else, PLEASE), etc. If you can’t donate, please come join us in the chat anyways, and bring some friends along with you! Whether this is your first year, or you’ve been around the block with us, we can’t wait to share another year of shrine hopping and rupee crunching with you all.