What is the Rupee Crew?

The Rupee Crew is a video gaming team dedicated to raising money for charity, creating content and having fun together. Our first event, Rupeethon, was an annual livestream event where we played through a medley games from “The Legend of Zelda” series and raised money for charity for TEN STRAIGHT YEARS!

These days we produce let’s plays, livestreams and whatever tickles our fancy in the pop culture world. Every single cent we raise goes to charity including, but not limited to, Child’s Play, and March for Science.


Where did you get this idea?

The Video Game Marathon is an idea for which we cannot take credit. We have been inspired by a long list of predecessors, most notably Desert Bus for Hope and Mario Marathon. This is just our personal spin on a tried and true fundraising method.


When is your next stream?

Any live events we have planned can be found here!

We invite you to follow us on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instragram and re-share our antics with your friends and followers.