Back in 2009, six friends (Scott, Conor, Jon, Rich, Ian, and Lynn) decided to start 'Rupeethon' and livestream for charity while playing far too many games from the Legend of Zelda franchise...

...Then they accidentally did it ten years in a row and lots of friends got involved.

What began as an annual reunion with a charitable goal has since expanded into what we now call The Rupee Crew. We are a team that produces a variety of content throughout the year and occasionally streams for charity. We also just really enjoy each other's company.

The original founders all went to the same Long Island, NY high school. Over the years we have added crew members that include friends and family from college, work, and beyond.

The Video Game Marathon is an idea for which we cannot take credit. We have been inspired by a long list of predecessors, most notably Desert Bus for Hope and Mario Marathon. This is just our personal spin on a tried and true fundraising method. We invite you to follow us on YoutubeTwitterInstagram and re-share our antics with your friends and followers.

Choose your character:



"I was told that wasn't my job, so I said 'Fuck it'."

The charismatic, yet always enigmatic, leader of the GANON CLUB. After debuting as a founding member of Rupeethon in 2009, his impact on the success of the fledgling promotion was manifest. Known for his goofy, almost lackadaisical, and at times reckless playstyle, Conor quickly garnered attention from rupeefans around the world. He is dope at playing while wearing boxing gloves and getting hit by fish. 2016 proved to be his most successful year to date, becoming your first ever RUPEETHON HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION. He wants you to know that he thinks Breath of the Wild is mediocre at best, because he feeds on hate. Also, shut up Steve, Zelda II isnt even a real LoZ game; It’s just a bad Mario clone. Finally, let him know if you like Pina Coladas, and getting caught in the rain. He is not much into health food, but IS into champagne.



"I'm not mad, I'm just angry."

West over water I fared
bearing charity's waves to the shore
of the Great Sea's heart;
my course was set.
I launched my Red Lion King
at the breaking of ice,
loaded my cargo of prizes
aboard my longboat aft.

The warrior welcomed me,
to him my praise is due.
I carry Hyrule's mead
to Child's Play's meadows.
The Princess I laud,
sing surely her praise;
I ask to be heard,
an ode I can devise.



"Going up that eskeeeelator aaaaawwwwwww."

He pulled his bow across the strings
And it made an evil hiss
And a band of demons joined in
And it sounded something like this.



"I love you, but no."

Chrissy is a librarian who does their best to keep the rest of the Rupeethon crew organized, despite their efforts to the contrary. They read game walkthroughs as if they’re novels, hunts trophies and achievements like it’s their job, and once filled a house in Skyrim with so many cabbages that the game crashed.

They regret nothing.



"I'm not claustrophobic, I'm just lazy."

When not blitzing through Fire Emblem with a blatant disregard for “strategy”, Steve can be found walking his dog Estellise, enjoying a laid back golf video game, or dunking the goddamn Rainmaker in Splatoon 2.

Steve manages the audio for Rupeethon, so blame him if the stream goes silent mid-marathon.

Favorite Zelda Game: The Wind Waker



"Rules lawyering requires further donation."

Beryl has a Bachelors of Architecture, a Masters in T.V. Tropes, and a Ph.D. in Giant Robots.

Strengths: Always knowing what time it is.
Weaknesses: Being jump-scared by Jon.



"I went down the front steps with rollerskates on..."

Grayham peered out from under the brim of his stylin' top hat. The torchlight reflected a devilish gleam in his eye. The Darknut approached, sword out in an aggressive fighting pose.

"Kick you down the stairs." Grayham whispered, barely audible over the sound of clanking armor.

"WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY TO ME?!" The Darknut howled.

Grayham smirked, then lept towards the beast with a vicious upward swing. The Darknut recoiled as his helmet flew off. Grayham's momentum carried him into the plated chest of his foe, knocking the creature off balance. Without hesitation, Grayham spun himself to the Darknut's back, and with another slash of his broadsword, cut the supports to its armor.

"I said KICK YOU DOWN THE STAIRS." Grayham replied, as he landed a devastating side-kick into the Darknut's spine, sending him tumbling, limp, down the cold castle stairs. Within seconds Grayham was on his enemy again, and with a vicious roar, plunged his sword deep into the demon's chest, puncturing its heart.

When the Darknut stopped twitching, and disappeared from this realm in a puff of noxious purple smoke, Grayham stood, shook the blood from his sword, and continued his way towards the hall where Phantom Gannon lay in wait.



"Poor child, I am made of cheese and have no hands. For what and why would I want your gravy?"

Mostly architect, partially cosplayer, Julianne is actually most well known for starting video games and not finishing them. Except for Phantom Hourglass. She definitely finished that one. And maybe a Pokemon game or two. Those are hard to keep track of sometimes.

Julianne spends the majority of her time on the internet disguised as Liann (such a cleverly crafted name, she knows) or Ayu. She's usually on tumblr posting doodles once every twelve years.




We needed an adult. So Steve found Amanda.



*aggressive snuffling*

It's him. He's the one snoring.