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What is Rupeethon?

Rupeethon is a video game themed online telethon-style fundraiser with the goal of raising money for the Child’s Play organization.

The prime focus of the telethon will be to broadcast our team playing through a medley of games from Nintendo’s “Legend of Zelda” series; back-to-back and non-stop for however long it takes to get through the list. During this time, we will have a widget on our website to allow our generous audience to donate money directly to Child’s Play.

This year, our Twitch broadcast will be opening sometime in July, 2018. From that point until our quest is finished, we will be streaming live over the internet and playing Zelda titles 24 hours a day. Our viewers can interact with us through the Twitch chat and not only command us to do silly on-screen antics for donations, but also provide much needed help playing the games. Did we mention we’re all hilariously terrible at these games? It’s kind of our shtick.

What is Child’s Play Charity?

Child’s Play is the creation of Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik (better known as Tycho Brahe and John Gaberial) of Penny Arcade. They created the charity after being fed up with how eagerly the media perpetuated the stereotype of the unstable violent gamer.

Child’s Play attempts to counter that image and allows gamers to give back to their community. Proceeds from the organization go to providing games and books for children staying in hospitals for extended periods of time. They also boast an extremely low overhead, relying on the online community and word of mouth. It’s a great cause and one we’re proud to aid.

Where did you get this idea?

The Video Game Marathon is an idea for which we cannot take credit. We have been inspired by a long list of predecessors, most notably Desert Bus for Hope and Mario Marathon. Rupeethon is just our personal spin on a tried and true fundraising method.

How long does the marathon last?

We will be gaming for approximately 96 hours this year. If you’re still craving some marathon goodness after Rupeethon concludes you can head right over to Child’s Play’s event calendar to get your gaming marathon fix.

What games are being played this year?

Game 1: TBD
Game 2: TBD
Game 3: TBD

How can I help out?

Firstly, Donate Money! 100% of our proceeds go to Child’s Play.

Secondly, Donate Prizes! if you possess creative talent of the stuff-making variety, you can donate prizes for us to give away! Email us for more info.

What if I don’t have money/Paypal/a Credit Card?

Spread the word! Invite all your Facebook friends to check out our fan page. You can also follow us on Twitter and retweet our posts to your followers!

The best way do help is to hang out with us in the channel. Rupeethon is social event above all else and you’ll find great people both on the video and in the chatroom.

Do you support any other charities?

No. Our marathon is dedicated solely to raising money for Child’s Play. We’ve received criticism in years prior about supporting only Child’s Play, instead of charities with more dramatic causes. We are nonetheless strong supporters of Child’s Play and remain dedicated to the tremendous good they do and the world of difference they make for sick children and their families. Child’s Play is a phenomenal low-overhead charity worth every second we have put in to making these last few marathons a reality.

Are there any contests?

Let’s not forget the most important part about donating to charity: material rewards! Information on the various contests and prizes we’ll be running throughout Rupeethon are located on our shiny Prizes page. We also complete a variety of challenges in response to donations.