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Support Net Neutrality

Rupeethon strongly supports Net Neutrality; without it, we may be unable to bring you our particular brand of dumb, cringey entertainment. ISP providers are feverishly trying to get the FCC to remove laws and regulations that keep the internet free and open, all in order to make themselves more profitable by charging you, the consumer, for the services you already enjoy. Not only could you be hit by added fees or slowdowns to access various entertainment site you enjoy today, removing these protections could have a tremendous effect on the information and news you are able to access and consume. With a FCC director in the pockets of major corporations and the ISPs, our last hope is for congress to step in and protect a service that has become so immensely integral to our daily lives. The vote for repeal is set for Dec. 14th, 2017. Let your voices be heard; contact you congress representative today and let them know you strongly support net neutrality and a free and open interent. To find out more, check out and join the fight to save the internet.


WE MADE IT! Rupeethon 8 was a successful one, with just over $1500 raised for Child’s Play. As we hit the hay tonight, we just wanna say THANK YOU to all our viewers, old and new, for chatting with us, challenging us and of course, donating to the cause. It makes it all worth the effort. PLEASE STAY TUNED this year as we continue to expand our catalogue with more Livestreams, Let’s Plays and more. Make sure to follow us on facebook, twitch and youtube. SEE YOU SOON!