Onward Into The Miasma!

Rupeethon faithful! We are thrilled to finally be sharing some truly exciting news with you. We begin an all new save file as we debut our first official Let’s Play! Join us as we awkwardly, yet humorously, trudge our way through Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles.

The 2003 action role-playing game for the Nintendo Gamecube has players exploring a vast and extravagant world, plagued by a mysterious and toxic gas known as the ‘miasma’. Players must take control of a crystal caravan charged with the collection of ‘myrrh’, a magic liquid that powers mystical crystals. These crystals generate powerful barriers that keep the miasma at bay, protecting surrounding villages from the gas’s harmful effects. The game is beloved for its impressive visuals, enthralling music, exciting real-time combat and innovative multiplayer design utilizing Gamecube-GBA compatibility.

Join Rupeethon’s own Steve (playing as Sterv), Chrissy (Ris), Scott (Fawkes), and Jonathan (Slappy) as they take on classic Final Fantasy monsters and begrudgingly complete their quest to save the lives of their fellow villagers, including those of their less than supportive family members…maybe. New episodes will be released on Tuesdays and Fridays on the official Rupeethon Youtube Channel, so be sure to like, comment, and subscribe. We look forward to sharing in this new adventure with you!