Countdown to 7

Thank you for your patience. Without further ado, please feel free to roam about the shiny new website and check out new information on our crew, new challenges and best of all: PRIZES!

While you’re at it, make sure you sign up for our DRAMATIC READING CONTEST, by sending us an email at Tune in Saturday night wow us with your vocal talents and you could win a Link To The Past comic book.

Only 48 remain until the dawn of the first day.

~Beryl 2.0 is coming!

Rupeethon 7: The Triforce Awakens will be coming to a twitch stream near you this July 29th.

Until then, please bear with us as we upgrade our website in the next few days. New prizes, new venue, new website, and brand new hats. All this and more in a few short weeks.